Professional work experience

I have work experience in the following fields:

  • Primary education & SEN (as an intern & TA)
  • Research (as a Research Assistant)
  • Project administration (as a department coordinator, PA to DoS, and QA associate)

Information about my recent work and work experience is available on my LinkedIn profile.


Cultural Exchange Sessions (CES) Lincoln

Project Coordinator (2020-present)
Coordinating classes, supporting teachers, co-organising cultural exchange events, recruiting participants, maintaining social media presence.
Website: http://ces.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk
Czech CES Coordinator (2018-2019)

Teaching Czech as a foreign language, supporting other Czech teachers & TAs, co-organising cultural exchange events.
Website: http://czces.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk


AFS Cultural Exchange Meeting Facilitator (2021)

Organising online activities for international secondary school students in the Czech Republic during the national lockdown. Activities include learning about fellow students, host families, getting to know the Czech culture & students’ national cultures, developing soft skills, and fostering resilience through raising awareness of mental health & wellbeing and delivering self-care workshops.

Global Opportunities Social Media Team (2020-21)

Supporting the Global Opportunities department and promoting international opportunities (study & work abroad, international & virtual internships, international volunteering opportunities, etc.) on social media.

My Erasmus – study abroad experience blog (2019-20)

Sharing study abroad insight to promote & support study abroad at the University of Lincoln.

LiNCHigher: Widening Participation (2017-19)

Working as a Senior Outreach Ambassador – engaging with secondary school students, providing online mentoring, supporting Engagement Officers in organising events and school-based interventions.